New Patch for Command Line Functionallity

Here a patch which (hopefully) will let you open and export .dsg files from a command line.

Download this patch and place it in the DVD slideshow GUI program folder and let it overwrite the old version: DVDslideshowGUI.exe

The command line syntax is like this:
“path&DVDslideshowGUI.exe” “path&filename of the DSG project file” “path&filename of destination file with extention”

ex. (one line)
“C:\Program Files\DVD slideshow GUI\DVDslideshowGUI.exe” “C:\Program Files\DVD slideshow GUI\MyProject.dsg” “C:\Users\tintin\.DVDslideshowGUI\MyVideo.mpg”

The extention of the destination file is the pointer of what format you’ll be exporting to.
NB. some formats still demands manual entering of info like flv and txt.

Please report back if it works okay.

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